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General Information

An accreditation is required at Allez Up if you want to belay other climbers. If you do not pass the accreditation, you must take our Climbing 101 course.

The Allez Up accreditation is earned by passing a test in which the climber proves to our staff that he/she understands the responsibility involved in belaying another climber and can demonstrate that he/she is absolutely at ease with the equipment, knots, belay technique and communications with the climber.

Our accreditations are "pass or fail" format and are non-refundable. Our instructors will not provide coaching.

Accreditations must be passed immediately upon entering the gym, before climbing. It is not permitted to "practice" or to receive instruction from another climber before taking the accreditation test.

Allez Up's accreditation test is strict but fair. Please do not attempt to pass an accreditation if you have not climbed in a long time. You will most certainly fail and we do not provide refunds on accreditations under any circumstances. We abide by strict regulations for belaying in order to offer a safe climbing environment.

You must be at least 14 years old in order to be allowed to do an accreditation in our gym.

If you want to bring friends to climb, please read the FAQs for our rules. This is a privilege that comes with some conditions.

For Bouldering: No accreditation is needed to boulder. Please note that parental permission is still required if only bouldering. (Waiver for minors can be downloaded prior to entering the gym).


Top Rope Accreditation

Cost: $5.00 upon presentation of valid picture ID and a valid accreditation card from another climbing centre in Canada or the United States, or with proof that the climber has completed outdoor climbing courses from a qualified guide (ACMG, FQME, or European cards will be accepted at the discretion of Allez Up staff). 
 if proof of accreditation from another gym or guide is not available.

Duration: ~10 minutes (but can take longer)


Top rope accreditations do not require a reservation; accreditations can be done from 10am to 9pm during the week, and from 10am to 5pm during the weekends. They are on a "first come, first served" basis.

Lead Accreditation

Cost: $15.00 
Duration: ~ 20 minutes

For the test, you will need:

  • A reservation: please call 514-989-9656.

  • Harness, belay device, shoes and climbing rope. About 10 ropes are available for free at the gear counter. It is possible that all ropes are taken when you come do your test. 

  • A partner who is able to lead climb (someone who needs to do the test or is an accredited member).

  • Climbers are required to be solid on 5.9 level climbs in our gym.

  • No instruction will be given before the test.

  • Tests are "pass or fail" format and are non-refundable.

About Allez Up

Allez Up is an elite rock climbing gym in the heart of Montreal for passionate climbers as well as for those who are just starting out. Get stronger, meet new climbers, be a part of our community!

1555 Saint-Patrick,
Montreal, Qc, H3K 2B7

(514) 989-9656