Allez Up


The following prices apply to accredited climbers and those who are bouldering. If you are interested in trying climbing with an instructor, please go to this page.

Access type Regular  Student*
Day Pass $16.75 $16.75

Early Bird / Night Owl ***

$13.04 $13.04
10 punch pass $140.00 $140.00
EFT (monthly) ** $60.00 $53.00
1 month $90.00 $80.00
3 months $210.00 $200.00
6 months $375.00 $335.00
12 months $695.00 $620.00

* Valid student ID required for student pricing
** There is a 50$ initiation fee for the EFT pricing.

*** Monday to Friday 6:30 am to 2pm and 9:30 pm to 11:30 pm

Are you looking to buy someone a gift? We have gift cards! Drop in and pick one up, or buy a gift certificate online and have it emailed directly to the recipient!

Prices are subject to change without notice. Listed prices do not include taxes.

During the holidays, early bird pass does not apply.

About Allez Up

Allez Up is an elite rock climbing gym in the heart of Montreal for passionate climbers as well as for those who are just starting out. Get stronger, meet new climbers, be a part of our community!

1555 Saint-Patrick,
Montreal, Qc, H3K 2B7

(514) 989-9656