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October 27, 2014    |    Training

The Tour de Bloc season 12 is officially started! The Allez Up installment is over, and it was a huge success! We'd like to thank a few people, because without people, comps don't happen!

Thank you and congratulations to the routesetting team, headed by Julien Villeneuve, for their hard work and creativity. They are : Paul Denzler, Phil Bourdon, Lil Kraus and Marco Vigneault. Thank you to our guests, Daisuke Kasahara and Tonde Katiyo for their added input: you brought so much inspiration to the problems!

Thank you to all the volunteers! Allez Up has been hosting competitions for 10 years now, and every year we find individuals who are willing to come and judge, or supervise isolation, or sort t-shirts or provide first aid! We are surrounded by a tremendous bunch of wonderful people and we are extremely grateful for the help.

Thank you to those who stuck around at the end! A few key staff stuck around after the comp to pick up, clean up and get the gym as ready as possible for the opening the following day. Vanessa Goguen, Célia Gervais, Fred Fortin-Moquin and Dung (and Jean-Marc), thank you for staying until wee hours of the morning to make the gym presentable. It's a thankless job, so here are our thanks! 

Thank you to Dung Nguyen, who worked an obscene numbers of hours, many of them after sundown, to make sure that the first installment of season 12 of Tour de Bloc was a hit!

Thank you to Kateri Bélanger, for being head judge, without pay, and taking her job seriously and performing it with integrity Every. Single.Time. she shows up.

Thank you to all the competitors who came out and made this event a huge success! We had so much fun with you all! You definitely make it worth the while.

Thank you to you, dear clients. Competitions disrupt our service for a few days when we have them, and you accept it gracefully. Competitions are an important part of the creative process of routessetting. They allow our setters to try new styles and push themselves in new directions. Compes serve a great deal to encourage young climbers to and their parents to get involved in the community of climbing, which in turn fuels interest and passion for climbing and ultimately helps us to improve our service and quality of routes. And so, thank you, for your understanding!

Thank you Luigi Montilla. For Tour de Bloc.

Photos coming soon!!!

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