The Silo is Open!

October 16, 2014    |    Training

Come discover the new silo boulder! As per your countless requests, we've given you a new toy: a training wall! A 45° wall for training and improving your skills!

 A training wall is a bouldering wall filled with holds of varying difficulty. It can be used for simply having fun or doing an extensive training. These walls are essential to training technique and strength. You can practice any number of movements from beginner to expert. By choosing specific holds to train different movements that you need to perfect, you will gain broader spectrum of moves to use in your daily climbing. A training wall gives you the freedom to climb any type and difficulty of problems you wish.

Here are several examples of games to play and train on a training wall:

Two to four climbers of with similar ability play the game. The first climber gets on the wall and chooses a starting hold and performs the fist move to a second hold. The moves have to be memorized. Each time a climber completes the sequence he/she adds on another move. You can play "hands only" where any foot hold can be used, or specify both handholds and footholds. Continue to repeat this pattern until exhaustion. Great climbing game for building endurance and memorizing sequences.

The person designated as the pointer will use a broom handle or any pole to point out the next hold. The climber begins climbing. The pointer taps the next hold. This should be times so the next hold is tapped just ahead of the person climbing. A good pointer makes it challenging but not beyond the climber's ability. The game ends when the climber falls. The climber and pointer then switch positions. This excellent practice for developing your on-sight ability.

The first person points out a sequence of 4 to 10 moves. There are no markings placed on the wall. The second person has to climb the route remembering each hold. The value of this climbing game is it teaches you to remember the holds in the route, making it an easier transition from preview to climbing.

Free climb
Simply climb on the wall for as long as you can. Go up and down or  in a circuit pattern. Try not to take any rests. This will train your endurance and your on-sight abilities.

Place one or two foot holds and one or two hand holds. Place a large hold higher above the handholds. Each person takes turns "dynoing" to the hold. The dyno can be vertical, off vertical or even horizontal. Improves dynamic climbing.

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