Tour de Bloc: improvements

October 16, 2014    |    Training

Competitors can sign up here.     Volunteers can sign up here.    

Find all the details for the comp, which will be held on October 25th at Allez Up, right here.

This is Allez Up's twelfth Tour de Bloc and we are stoked as ever to be hosting this year!  Here are a few things to look forward to at this year's Allez Up installment of the TdB.

1- We have Nagano Japan's Daisuke Kasahara as a guest setter! (WHooot)

2- A pop-up store! We'll be selling gear straight from Japan! Eye Candy, Heavy (as seen on Tonde Katiyo in the past) and Tokyo Powder Industries!

3- A more generous, spaced-out distribution of the problems in order to accomodate more climbing.

4- We've added a time slot for climbing so that the experienced and open climb at different times. This will also make it way more convenient for individuals to stick around and watch finals!

5- The launch of Allez Up's custom shirts, cut and sewn in Montreal, just for you! Competitors who signed up on time will be receiving a tank version of this shirt   


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