December 5, 2016    |    Training

This January, climb stronger and smarter. Take a progression course or attend one of our workshops. 

Our goal at Allez Up is to give you top of the line climbing. It’s also to provide you with all the tools you need to expand your knowledge of climbing, of training and to just submerge you into climbing life. So this January, we’ve set up some clinics and courses to help you on your way.

Work your climbing technique with a 6 week course. Only 6 spots available. More info here. 


Performing in climbing, whether for recreation or for competition, requires not only commitment to climbing but also to the key factors that heavily influence performance, such as nutrition and flexibility. With that in mind, here are the first workshops we will be offering in 2017

January 17th - Injury prevention
January 21st - Lead Falls
February 11th - Stretching
February 21st - Stretching
February 25th - Nutrition
March 11th - Lead Falls
March 25th - Cleaning Anchors

Registration is required and some of the workshops are offered at a fee.

Stay tuned for the details of each workshop and also for the addition of others!


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