Moon Board + Allez Up = Crush

May 1, 2017    |    Training

We're so stoked! The Moon board is on its way to Allez Up! The construction will take place during the first 2 weeks of May. It will replace the the 10 degree wall of the silo in order to complement the training set up.

If you’ve never heard of the Moon Board, you're in for a ride! Here’s a little info:

The Moon Board, designed in Europe, is a standardized bouldering wall with a 40 degree incline. The wall itself is 12 ft by 9 ft in size, and with its hold arrangement, there are over 6000 bouldering problems ranging from V4 to V14. The Moon board imposes a climbing style that’s more “outdoor” like. Most of the holds are either “pinches” or “crimps”, making it a great tool to develop finger strength and technique.  

What’s more, the Moon board is standardized. Identical, wherever you go.  Each hold and its disposition is exactly the same everywhere, allowing climbers to work projects with no concern for time or even travel. For the climbers interested in progression and constance of problem the Moon Board has two major advantages. The first is being able to retry problems multiple times, over many sessions. The second is that you are able to work on problems beyond your level and have them as projects without worrying about resets!

Another interesting fact is that the Moon board comes with a set of lights which you can connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth. The “Moon Climbing” app, which you can download onto your phone, allows you to browse through multiple problems and immediately light them up on the board. These problems are created by the climbing community all over the world including Ben Moon himself, the creator of the board. And if you’re feeling inspired, you can even create your own bouldering problem and share it through the app.

We'll keep you posted on it's delivery date! Stay tuned...
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