Tryouts - Team Allez Up

July 18, 2017    |    Training

Allez Up has long been a leader in the rock climbing industry. Our facility houses the 3 Olympic disciplines. In routes and in bouldering, we offer great variety and constant renewal. With our 2 speed tracks, a competitive athlete will find all he or she needs to train.

For the 2017/2018 season, we are offering the Allez Up team even more in order to support them in their competitive goals. Elite coaching with Phil Bourdon (head coach) Marc-Antoine Vigneault and Corinne Baril; monthly follow ups with the team physio and kinesiologist; and regular consultations with a nutritionist.

On August 28th and 30th we will be holding tryouts for the Youth B, Youth A, Junior and Elite senior categories (for current and aspiring athètes) in order to place athletes in their appropriate categories as well as to discover new talent! So any individuals who want to compete should apply by filling in this form. The selection team will look over your request and will send you confirmation of your appointment time on tryout days.

Application for Allez Up team

There is no additional fee to attend the tryout (other than the paid access to the gym), but you must have received a confirmation from the selection team to participate. And yes, current team members should fill in the form and apply!

We can't wait to meet you!

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