S.I.L.O. Sesh

March 1, 2018    |    Training

The S.I.L.O. Sesh are a series of 3 events, "Boulder Battles" that will take place February 15th, March 15th and April 12th at 7pm.


- It's $5 cash + entry to gym to participate.

Winner takes all.

- There are two categories, 32 spots: 16 Men, 16 Women.

- Registration is on the day, as of 6pm. First come, first serve.


The format is inspired by the legendary games "H.O.R.S.E.," played by basketball players, and "S.K.A.T.E.," played by skateboarders.

The rules are simple.

- Climbers are randomly seperated in pairs.
- A game of ROCK PAPER SCISSORS will determine which climber goes first.
- The winner must announce what he/she will do (boulder problem, dyno, campus move...) and then do it. If the "trick" is successfully completed, then it is the second climbers turn to try to repeate it.
- If the second climber successfully repeats the trick, then it's his/her turn to establish a new trick.
- If the trick isn't successfully completed, then this climber receives a first letter. 
- The first climber to receive the four letters of S.I.L.O. gets eliminated.
- If the first climber does not successfully complete his/her trick, then it is the second climber's turn to establish a trick.
- No trick can be repeated throughout the game.

The winner of each pair goes on to a second round and so on and so forth until the final "battle".

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