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February 1, 2019    |    Training

We have worked with our coaches to develop a brand new progression program for beginner to advanced climbers. The program will begin as of February and will continue into the spring. Each workshop will be taught by a different coach. 

We sat down with our coaches and asked them some questions about the program.

What is the Move Up program?

The Move Up program is a series of workshops designed to encourage progression for beginner to advanced climbers. The workshops are completely dedicated to teaching basic techniques that will allow climbers to progress better and faster when on the wall. The main objective of the program is to give climbers the tools they need to autonomously improve their climbing.

Who is the program for?

Move Up 1 : A workshop created for new rope climbers (5.8 to 5.10) and boulderers (yellow to green circuit)

Move Up 2 : The logical progression to the Move Up 1. Designed for more advanced rope climbers (5.10 to 5.12) and boulderers (green to purple circuit)

Jump Up : Climbing has an important acrobatic component. This workshop on dynamic movement is designed for more advanced rope climbers (5.10 to 5.12) and boulderers (green to purple circuit)

What is the length and structure of the workshop?

All Move Up workshops take place over two consecutive days, with each session lasting 1h30.

Move Up 1 will spotlight the basic notions for every new climber : 

- Learn a warm up routine specific to rock climbing. 
- Go over the different wall angles and how to approach them. 
- Understand the best use of each holds, allowing better stability. 
- Improve your route reading's skills and be more efficient between each hold. 

Coach: Philippe Bourdon

Phil has been part of the Allez Up family since 2013 as assistant coach. He is now our head coach. Having studied kinesiology at McGill, Phil brings science and academia to the table.

He actively tries to create a fun performance strategy that encourages decision-making and autonomy in climbers while also giving them the tools that will allow them to progress beyond what they thought was possible.

He is dedicated, motivated and he has a wealth of knowledge that will allow climbers to progress both in their climbing and their personal lives.

Dates: February 7th & 9th at 7PM

Cost: $ 65 + tax (+ gym access)


Coach: Vincent Samuel-Lafleur

If you’ve been to a Core Up session at Allez Up, you know Vincent. He has a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology at l’Université de Montréal and he’s been coaching at Allez Up since 2017. His strengths lie in the creation of comprehensive and rigorous training plans.

His perpetual good mood, patience and personalized approach will instantly make you feel at ease with him and will make you feel supported throughout your training.

Dates: March 29th & 30th at 7PM

Cost: $ 65 + tax (+ gym access)


Move Up 2 is the logical next step to the Move Up 1 workshop : 

- Learn a more complex warm-up that focuses on mobility and specific muscle activation. 
- Develop the ability to adjust your climbing pace, move smoothly and recognize resting positions, which minimize fatigue. 
- Discover more advanced foot and hand placements that allow you to perform more complex moves. 
- Explore how more advanced climbers generate movement through the hips. 

Coach: Guillaume Léonard

Guillaume is currently finishing up his bachelor’s degree in kinesiology at l’UQAM with an internship in physical training for climbers. With 8 years of climbing and 4 years of coaching under his belt, he has a ton of climbing experience, both personally and professionally.

If you want to work on your technique, develop adequate mobility for sport and become physically stronger, Guillaume is the coach for you. His patience, his expertise and his valuable advice will immediately make you feel at ease.

Dates: February 22nd & 23rd at 7PM

Cost: $ 65 + tax (+ gym access)


Coach: Kaleb Thomas

Kaleb has been part of the Allez Up family since 2017 as Director of Routesetting. He’s been routesetting for over 14 years and has been head setter at 3 different climbing gyms in BC. He is one our National Chief Route Setter and has set over 100 competitions including 6 Nationals, a Pan-American Championship, the 2016 Imst World Cup as well as international clinics and masters events.

His vast experience in setting for competitions greatly influences his coaching style. He specializes in dynamic, complex movements, body positioning, and controlling thoughts while trying to perform.

He has coached many national team athletes and has helped execute high level clinics with coaches such as Udo Neumann and Roman Krajnik. If you are trying to perform at a high level, Kaleb is the coach you need.

Dates: April 12th & 13th at 7PM

Cost: $ 65 + tax (+ gym access)


A class for advanced climbers, dedicated only to explosive movements:

- Learn a warm-up that focuses on muscle activation and the prevention of upper body injuries. 
- Familiarize yourself with the basic dynamic movements. 
- Learn to perform the moves using coaching tips. 
- Develop the ability to visualize which is the most appropriate dynamic movement in each situation. 

Coach: Marc-Antoine Vigneault

Having obtained a bachelors degree in kinesiology at l’UQAM, Marco has all the knowledge and experience to create specific and successful training plans for climbers looking for coaching.

His high energy and his infectious enthusiasm ensure that his climbers feel encouraged and motivated and push themselves beyond what they even thought was possible.

Dates: March 8th & 9th at 7PM

Cost: $ 65 + tax (+ gym access)



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