March 20, 2020    |    General Information


Since announcing the closing of the facility in light of the Covid-19 pandemic, we have been blown away by the outpouring of emails and messages of support during these uncertain times. To our surprise so many of these messages were from members volunteering to keep their membership active throughout this crisis as a way to support Allez Up through this difficult time, or asking about other ways they can help.

We are so moved by this gesture, and have been thinking of how we can pay it forward as we know that many members of our community will be hit hard by the financial impact this pandemic is having.

So we've come up with an idea. We would -- with great humility and tremendous gratitude -- accept this help and promise to pay it forward in the following way:

For every month of membership that is kept going now, during the closures, we will, upon reopening, offer 1 month of membership to another climber who has found themselves in difficult times because of the covid-19 pandemic. 1 good deed for 1 good deed. 

Accepting your help today will help ensure that we weather the storm to make sure that Allez Up is there for its community of climbers and employees once this is all over. 

If you are able to keep your membership going, please fill in the form below! And if you are looking for another way to help, please consider purchasing a gift certificate, which we’ll be happy to redeem for services once we reopen! 


Lastly, please have a look at our closure FAQ page, where we have concentrated all information on courses, memberships and other subjects pertaining to the closures.


Thank you for your ongoing support. We will pay it forward. 

Be safe, stay home. 

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This is a proactive closure in an effort to do our part in slowing down the transmission of COVID-19 in our communities.


Here is information about COVID-19 (coronavirus) and the precautionary and preventive measures we are taking to reduce the risks.