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Climbing 101

PRICE: $49.50

Includes: course, equipement during course, accreditation and one daypass on day of accreditation (if done within 14 days after course).

Duration: 3 hours

PROMO: Get 1 week of free climbing (following the accreditation test), including equipment rental during that time (conditions apply).

To book your spot, simply click here.


Courses are available:

Monday to Thursday 7pm
Friday at 2pm
Saturday at 2pm
Sunday at 6pm


For beginner climbers the ''Climbing 101'' is an essential three hour course and the prerequisite to earning an accreditation at Allez Up. 

Top roping is a style of climbing which involves having a rope already anchored at the top of the routes, allowing the climber to always climb with the rope above him. This course takes place on routes with a partner or your instructor belaying you at all times and teaching you everything you need to know about top rope climbing.

Learn about knot-tying, proper belaying, equipment use, safety, and some basic climbing techniques. The price of the course includes equipment rental on the day of the course, a top rope accreditation testas well as the day pass on the day you do the test*. 

Accreditation is granted upon the succesful completion of a test (at no additional cost) 

To book your spot, simply click here. Course is limited to 6 participants. 


If you are only interested in bouldering, check out our Bouldering 101 course.


Do I need special gear to climb? For route climbing, you will need a harness, climbing shoes, a belay device and a chalk bag. Everything is included during the course. You can also purchase your own. 

Do I need a partner to take the intro to belay course? You can take the learn to belay course alone. However, after the course if you wish to climb routes, you will need a partner. It takes two to route climb. It is also necessery to have a partner for the accreditation. 

What should I bring for the course? Comfortable loose or flexible clothing is most recommended. You can wear a closed, clean and dry shoe instead of the climbing shoes. Long hair must be tied back. 


About Allez Up

Allez Up is an elite rock climbing gym in the heart of Montreal for passionate climbers as well as for those who are just starting out. Get stronger, meet new climbers, be a part of our community!

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