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Personalized Training

Do you want to improve your climbing? Get stronger for an upcoming trip? Rehabilitate from an injury or increase your fitness?

We have the training plan to do it. Your private coach will help you reach your goals and will be dedicated to your progression during the entirety of your training. Every program is designed by one of our kinesiologist. Your kinesiologist will follow you during your private sessions and will create entire programs tailored to your specific needs. Check out our LEVEL UP package below.

Whether this is your first experience or you are a training expert, you will see a difference with this type of training. With private coaching, you will get better results and increased motivation.  

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    The LEVEL UP program is a great way to start training. It includes two 60-minute sessions. The first session will be to conduct an evaluation of your current physical fitness and the second will be to provide you with a personalized training program.

    Price: $155.00



    • Setting clear performance goals
    • Assess your physical fitness through a range of standardized tests



    • 1 structured training session
    • A climbing training program (4-6 weeks) with explanations and demonstrations
    • A strength training program (4-6 weeks)

    Climbing is a sport that requires balance between mental, technical and physical skills.Our fitness evaluation is a way for us to provide you with an objective overview of your current physical fitness. It is a great way to begin structured training. This program is for climbers of all levels.

    Includes a one-hour meeting with one of our kinesiologist to assess your fitness and build your climbing profile.

    The meeting is divided into two parts:

    • Setting clear performance goals
    • Assess your physical fitness through a range of standardized tests

    By evaluating your strengths and weaknesses, our coaches will be able to determine what you need to work on to optimize your capabilities and perfect your climbing technique. The evaluation includes a written assessment that will be sent to you

    Price: $100 


    This is a hands-on one-hour session with one of our kinesologist during which we will give you a structured training program. Because everyone is different, a training program must include exercises that are adapted to each climber’s specific needs. Every exercise included in the program will be demonstrated, explained and rehearsed with you. Your program will be tailored to your needs and will give you the tools you need for your next send.

    If you are already being followed by one of our coaches, you can still sign up for a planning session to modify your current program and reach your next objective.

    Price: $70+ $15 per additionnal person.

    Available as a semi-private session: share the benefits of training and reduce the cost by doing it with friends or colleagues (maximum of 4 people per workshop).

    Duration: 60 minutes


    • 1 structured training session
    • A climbing training program (4-6 weeks) with explanations and demonstrations
    • A strength training program (4-6 weeks)


    • Fitness evaluation by an Allez Up kinesiologist

    To remain focused on your objectives and maintain your evolution, there is nothing better than private training. Your personal coach will help you stay motivated with advice, support and encouragements. Your kinesiologist will make sure you get a personalized follow-up and you will have his/her undivided attention during the duration of your session. You have specific requests for your training? Make sure to let your coach know!

    This 60-minute session is prescribed and supervised by a kinesiologist.

    Price: $50 + $10 per additional person.

    Available as a semi-private session: share the benefits of training and reduce the cost by doing it with friends or colleagues (maximum of 4 people per workshop).


    • Tips and tricks to efficiently integrate physical exercise into your daily routine
    • Different training options during the session depending on the client’s specific needs: climbing technique, home training programs, etc.
    • Setting SMART goals (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, time-based)


    Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:30PM and 9PM. 30 minutes (Free of charge with anypaid access to Allez Up)

    Come train with Vincent in a diversified class focusing on general fitness for climbing and core tension.  This class is open to any climber who wants to improve their physical condition and their level in climbing.


    Mondays at 6PM. 30 minutes (Free of charge with any paid access to Allez Up)

    This class is designed to improve climbing-specific flexibility and mobility through a series of diversified circuits. This class will not only help you increase your climbing ability, but will also help prevent injuries.



Philippe Bourdon

Phil has been part of the Allez Up family since 2013 as assistant coach. He is now our head coach. Having studied kinesiology at McGill, Phil brings science and academia to the table.

He actively tries to create a fun performance strategy that encourages decision-making and autonomy in climbers while also giving them the tools that will allow them to progress beyond what they thought was possible.

He is dedicated, motivated and he has a wealth of knowledge that will allow climbers to progress both in their climbing and their personal lives.

To contact Phil, please write him an email at


Marc-Antoine Vigneault

Having obtained a bachelors degree in kinesiology at l’UQAM, Marco has all the knowledge and experience to create specific and successful training plans for climbers looking for coaching.

His high energy and his infectious enthusiasm ensure that his climbers feel encouraged and motivated and push themselves beyond what they even thought was possible.

To contact Marco, please write him an email at



Vincent Samuel-Lafleur

If you’ve been to a Core Up session at Allez Up, you know Vincent. He has a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology at l’Université de Montréal and he’s been coaching at Allez Up since 2017. His strengths lie in the creation of comprehensive and rigorous training plans.

His perpetual good mood, patience and personalized approach will instantly make you feel at ease with him and will make you feel supported throughout your training.

To contact Vincent, please write him an email at



Guillaume Léonard

Guillaume is currently finishing up his bachelor’s degree in kinesiology at l’UQAM with an internship in physical training for climbers. With 8 years of climbing and 4 years of coaching under his belt, he has a ton of climbing experience, both personally and professionally.

If you want to work on your technique, develop adequate mobility for sport and become physically stronger, Guillaume is the coach for you. His patience, his expertise and his valuable advice will immediately make you feel at ease.

To contact Guillaume, please write him an email at



Kaleb Thomas

Kaleb has been part of the Allez Up family since 2017 as Director of Routesetting. He’s been routesetting for over 14 years and has been head setter at 3 different climbing gyms in BC. He is one our National Chief Route Setter and has set over 100 competitions including 6 Nationals, a Pan-American Championship, the 2016 Imst World Cup as well as international clinics and masters events.

His vast experience in setting for competitions greatly influences his coaching style. He specializes in dynamic, complex movements, body positioning, and controlling thoughts while trying to perform.

He has coached many national team athletes and has helped execute high level clinics with coaches such as Udo Neumann and Roman Krajnik. If you are trying to perform at a high level, Kaleb is the coach you need.

To contact Kaleb, please write him an email at

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