On the recommendation of public health authorities, the Government of Québec has announced that, as of Monday, August 3, the maximum number of people allowed in public places will increase from 50 to 250, in compliance with current hygiene measures, particularly that of physical distancing.

The aim of Allez Up is to gradually return to an access to the centre similar to before Covid-19. The entire Allez Up team would like to thank you for your collaboration and understanding of the current situation.  In order to make access to the centre easier while maintaining a quality climbing experience, we will gradually relax the following conditions:

Reservations, capacity, opening hours, Allez Out, courses, accreditation, auto-belays, drop-ins




A reservation is required to climb at the gym. The reservation system is explained below.

Reservations will be maintained as of August 3rd to guarantee you a place and a timeslot to climb.  However, the number of places per timeslot will be doubled from 20 to 40 and will be gradually adapted.




Each reservation allows you to climb for a 2-hour session.

You must have checked in, warmed up, climbed and left the gym within these 2 hours.

When booking you will be asked to choose a time slot. All time slots are staggered to avoid line ups.


Reservations must be done online and must be paid in advance. When booking online, you must provide your credit card number. 

You will be able to book in advance or at the last minute. We ask you to book in advance a maximum of 2 times a week to give everyone the opportunity to climb. If there are still time slots available 24 hours before, you will be able to book again.

EFT, prepaid and 10-punch pass members will be able to reserve 7 days in advance. Drop-ins will be able to reserve 5 days in advance.



As of August 3, climbers will be able to access the indoor centre and the outdoor boulder walls at all times when they reserve.

Allez Out is the terrasse you know with a new 50-foot outdoor bouldering wall in the parking lot to give you access to more linear feet of climbing. 750 sq.ft. of bouldering and the 9 routes on the silo are also accessible.


The RGPro Connect mobile application allows you to consult availability of reservations in real time and allows you to book your time slots from your online account.

You can download the application from the App Store and Google Play.




Here is a list of the new measures put in place to ensure the safest possible environment.




Upon entering the gym and before starting to climb, each person must disinfect their hands. 


In addition to hand disinfecting at the entrance, we have several hand disinfection stations at your disposal. You are invited to regularly disinfect your hands between climbs.


It is strongly recommended to use liquid chalk since the alcohol content is usually over 70% and can even reach 99.9%, which contributes to the disinfection process. 


In order to comply with new government guidelines, masks will be mandatory at Allez Up as of Saturday July 18th.⁣

For safety reasons, masks will not be mandatory (but are strongly recommended) when climbing routes.⁣ You can remove your mask if you are climbing outdoors.

Reusable masks are available for purchase at the gym.


Wearing gloves is mandatory to belay on the silos.

Wearing shoes and a shirt is mandatory at all time


If you are experiencing flu-like symptoms (fever, cough, difficulty breathing, sick, cold or tired) or are in voluntary isolation, we ask that you respect this isolation and stay home. You must diagnose your condition in a self-critical manner and consider the impact of transmission on others before coming to the centre.  Our employees may ask you to leave the centre if they consider your health status to be at risk.

If you postpone your reservation because of your health condition or because of isolation, there will be no cancellation fee.

During the entire duration of your visit to Allez Up, as well as during check-in and check-out, regulations and recommendations regarding social distancing must be respected. You must keep a minimum distance of two metres between each person during your visit.


Even if you are co-habiting or in a relationship with your climbing partner, you must respect social distancing. Knowing that distancing is one of the most effective tools against the spread of the virus, everyone will have to submit to it in order to provide the safest possible environment for everyone.


The only valid exception to social distancing is for children under 14 years of age and their parent living in the same household. Parent-child climbers must stay together in the marked areas and respect all other distancing measures.

In order to ensure the least amount of traffic in tight spaces and non-essential gatherings, we have temporarily closed some services. The following is a list of locations and services that are closed:

  • Locker rooms and showers
  • Water fountains (filling water bottles will be permitted)
  • Discovery Group
  • Summer Camp
  • Level Up and private training
  • School groups or summer camps
  • University Groups

In order to keep handling and transactions to a minimum, cash is no longer accepted as a method of payment at the centre. 

All transactions are made online by credit card at the time of booking. All transactions made at the centre will be charged directly to your account each week.

Rental services remain available. Shoes and belay devices are disinfected according to manufacturers' recommendations after each use. Harnesses are removed for 24 hours for decontamination after each use.

Chalk rental is suspended for the duration of the pandemic.



Here is a list of things to bring to your climbing session:

  • Climbing equipment (shoes, harness, rope, belay device, chalk bag)
  • Clothing (arrive dressed and ready to climb - shirts are mandatory)
  • Sandals or shoes for walking around
  • Filled water bottle
  • Mask
  • Gloves to belay
  • Bag to carry all your things (lockers will be closed)



  • The entrance is on St-Patrick street
  • Please respect social distancing while you wait to enter
  • Make sure you are wearing your mask before enterinng
  • You will be asked to disinfect your hands before entering


  • Give your name and check-in with a member of our staff
  • Please respect signage and designated waiting areas when walking around the gym and waiting at the bouldering wall
  • Send and have fun!


  • There will be an announcement 15 minutes before the end of your session to advise you that your session is over
  • Please give your name to a staff member at the exit to check out
  • Come back soon!


Yes. You can cancel a reservation up to 24 hours before the start of the booking. Please fill out the form below to cancel.

If you cancel less than 24 hours before the start of the booking there will be a $10 + tax cancellation fee.


Yes, places are limited, so if you don't show up for your reservation there will be a charge. 

EFT and prepaid members will be charged $10 to their credit card. 10 punch pass holders will have one entry deducted. Day pass holders will not be refunded.

If you need to cancel your reservation because of your health or because of a self-isolation, there will not be a fee.

No. First come, first serve. If all designated waiting areas for bouldering are occupied, you will unfortunately not be able to boulder.

Yes. You can book for 2 people at a time. Both climbers must be accredited at the centre.

You are responsible for your partners reservation. If they need a daypass, you will have to pay for it at the time of reservation. You are also responsible for the fees if the person does not show up.

Yes, you can arrive late to your reservation, but you must respect the end time of your time slot and you will not have a time extension.

You can show up to 30 minutes before the end of your reservation, after which time we consider you have not shown up and you will have to pay the "no show" fee.

No. You won't be able to enter the centre without a reservation. However, you can make a reservation when you arrive on your phone. We cannot guarantee that there will be time slots available.

No. If you book two time slots one after the other in the same day, the second one will be automatically cancelled.

The reservation will only be accepted if you are a 10-punch pass holder or if the entry is paid for with a daypass. For 10-punch pass holders, two entries will be deducted from your account and for daypasses, the entry will have to be paid for twice.

No. The exchange of reservations between members is not accepted. The reservation will have to be cancelled and re-booked by the other member.



EFT memberships were put on pause as soon as the gym closed. The $8 fees were not charged. Your membership will be reactivated on June 27th.


All prepaid memberships had their end dates adjusted to compensate for the exact duration of the closure.

If you don't feel comfortable climbing at the centre, you can always freeze your membership. A fee of 8$/month will apply.


No. Unfortunately, this advantage is temporarily suspended until the end of our capacity restrictions.


Yes. The prices remain the same. The only changes are as follows:

  • The early bird/late night entrance will no longer be available until things go back to normal.
  • The 1 month membership will be temporarily unavailable. However, if you have a 1 month membership, you will be able to keep it until it expires.

No. We'll reopen with reduced hours.

During phase 1 and 2 of the reopening (June 22 to 26th), the gym will be open from 4:00 pm to 10:00 pm.

During phase 3 (as of June 27th), the opening hours will be from 8:45 am to 10:00 pm every day.

Yes. Space is limited, so if you want to come to the gym you will need to pay an entry fee even if you do not plan on climbing.

Yes. As of August 3rd, climbers can access the indoor center and the outdoor bouldering walls at all times when they reserve.

Yes. Even if you are co-habiting or in a relationship with your climbing partner, you must respect social distancing. Knowing that distancing is one of the most effective tools against the spread of the virus, everyone will have to submit to it in order to provide the safest possible environment for everyone.