Unfortunately, at the moment, Allez Up is closed for an indefinite period of time. We continue to monitor the situation of COVID-19 around the world and in our communities. Allez Up is committed to maintaining the precautionary and closure prevention measures put in place by the government.

Stay informed by following our social media for regular updates.



No need to worry. When we officially reopen, we will adjust the end date of all prepaid memberships to compensate for the exact duration of the closure.


We offer a range of possibilities. You can choose to support Allez Up by filling out this form. Please note that by default, your membership will be automatically frozen free of charge.


Reservations for our introduction to climbing and bouldering courses are obviously cancelled for the duration of the gym's closure. All affected clients will be contacted at the time of reopening to find a new suitable date for their course. They will be given priority over clients who did not previously have a reservation.


All clients who have completed the course but have not yet passed their accreditation test will be able to redeem the free week following their accreditation, as planned, once the gym reopens. Weeks that were already started when the gym closed will be dealt with in the same way as prepaid memberships (see above).

Our instructor will contact each client with a lead class scheduled during the closure of the gym. Clients who have already taken the first of the two classes will have priority booking.


As of March 10th, all team costs have been covered. Allez Up will put a prorated credit for the 2020/2021 season in your child's account. In the event that your child does not join the Allez Up team for the next season, a prorated refund will be granted when the gym reopens. Refunds will be processed individually.


Allez Up will provide a prorated credit for the next Discovery session or for the 2020 summer day camp in your child's account. In the event that your child does not resume activities at Allez Up, a prorated refund will be granted when the gym reopens. Refunds will be processed individually.


Allez Up is still working on organizing the 2020 summer day camp. We are still taking online registrations on our website. In the event that it is still not possible for us to offer the service, we will reimburse all participants.


The lost & found bin will be available to customers when the gym reopens.


All pairs of shoes that were dropped off for resole before the gym closed will be ready and available for pick up when the center reopens. It will not be possible to pick them up before then. In case of an emergency, please contact Marc Dostie (514-257-7628).



Check out our Try Climbing page for all the ways to start climbing.

To climb routes (height climbing requiring ropes), we recommend taking our Climbing 101 course which will teach you how to become an autonomous rope climber. The course also gives you one week of unlimited climbing with equipment rental.

To start bouldering, you can simply show up during business hours. We also offer a Bouldering 101 course, which includes an unlimited week of climbing with shoe rental.

You can also get a Trublue accreditation which will allow you to climb on one of our auto-belays.

A waiver must be signed for each climber. For climbers under the age of 18, a parent or legal guardian must sign. All waivers will need to be renewed every 3 years. For your convenience, you may fill in an online waiver by clicking on the link below:

Online waiver for course / guests / accreditation

On-street parking is available around the gym. We also have 6 parking spots by the back entrance to the gym.


An accreditation is a short but thorough evaluation of a climber’s knowledge of belaying and knot tying.

​Every autonomous climber at Allez Up (including those who have taken a course with us), must pass an accreditation with one of our instructors. 

Please see our accreditation page for more information about the accreditation test (including cost and scheduling).

​Allez Up is committed to maintaining a safe climbing environment, which means that every climber who wants to belay at Allez Up must pass an accreditation, regardless of their status in other gyms.

Different rates may apply for the accreditation test if you have proof of accreditation at another gym.

Experienced belayers over 18 years of age are permitted to bring a maximum of 2 non-climbers per visit. Newly accredited members must visit Allez Up 10 times before being permitted to bring a guest.

Keep in mind that any climber under the age of 18 must have a waiver signed by his/her parents.

Guests climb for the same price as our accredited members.

Members are not permitted to teach knot-tying, belaying or any other safety techniques to their guests. Only Allez Up instructors are permitted to teach in the gym.

Members aged 17 and under cannot bring unaccredited guests to climb. They can only climb with other accredited members.

​If you are climbing routes (height climbing requiring ropes), you will need a partner, but we also have a few autobelays that can be of use on days where your partner can't show up! Bouldering does not require a partner.

There are many ways to meet a climbing partner:

- Come boulder and meet other climbers, or come use our autobelays. You can meet climbers right here in the gym!

- Ask around at work or other activities. You might be surprised at who has always wanted to try climbing.

- You can also go to the "Communauté Allez Up" page on Facebook. There are many social media groups and sites which organize climbing and partner seeking at Allez Up.

To learn how to lead climb, you must sign up to our Lead Climbing Course

The 6 hour course is divided into two sessions. To sign up for the course, you must have a top-rope accreditation at Allez Up and be able to comfortably climb 5.10 at the gym.

A reservation is required for this course. Please call us to  book.

In order to become an autonomous climber, you must take the Climbing 101 course. 


​Nope! You simply need to fill in a waiver. If you've never bouldered before, take our Bouldering 101 course, which includes an unlimited week and shoe rental during that time.


​A member is a person who has successfully passed the accreditation at Allez Up. 

If you want climbing to be a part of your life, you can purchase a membership.

​You simply need to complete the following form in order to freeze or cancel your EFT or monthly membership.

Membership cancellation/freeze form


You can bring children, but they must be supervised by an adult at all times. Please note that while we welcome children, certain conditions may apply. We encourage you to call us at 514-989-9656 to find out whether you can bring your children.

The walls situated on the mezzanine are ideal for beginners and children, but access to the mezzanine is sometimes limited. Please take a look at our Kids Hours page to find out when this space is available.

Unfortunately we are no longer able to provide an eating area for birthday parties. You are welcome to bring small groups to climb during our walk-in sessions!

Allez Up offers a recreational and a competitive Junior Program.