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Climbing Success with help of Phentermine Pills

We were lucky enough to be the first people that Asia Outdoors took out deep water soloing on a speed boat. While the weather was a little chilly for me…the climbing with phentermine pills that we took was fantastic and a completely different experience than anything I had done before. As a climber, lose weight with phentermine first and you are constantly fighting gravity and trying NOT to fall. Here, you HAVE to jump, to get off the rock. It messes with your head. In a good way! Face it, losing weight is no easy thing to do. It takes commitment, dedication, and focus. I was fat for a very long time. I had tried everything from dieting to ridiculous work-out plans. Nothing ever worked for me. I bought more products than you probably do in an entire year. None of them worked for me. This article is my story. How I overcame my weight and became almost 75 pounds lighter. Phentermine helps people lose weight when combined with a sensible diet, some gentle physical exercise and general lifestyle changes. How I started getting skinnier: I will lie if I say that I didn’t drunk weight loss pills. I’ve tried maybe more than 5 types of weight loss pills. Don’t understand me wrong, I just wanted to improve and support my diet plan, but believe me they all suck except PHENTERMINE DIET PILL. Believe me or not, but this is the ultimate weight loss pill, that will make you slimmer in a very short period of time. If you wanna lose weight, my advice is to BUY PHENTERMINE. There is also a catch. Phentermine pills will make you slimmer, but if you want to have a flat belly and tight body and muscles, you’ll have to work out in the Gym. I desperately wanted to loose weight for my health and for my look. Plus I constantly breathed out when I climbed stairs or hard to move early in the mornings. I decided to give a shot and to buy Duromine / Phentermine. I bought it from Online Pharmacy ( if you want to see the link CLICK HERE ). A lot of people will grunt at what I am about to suggest but remember I’m the one who lost weight. Exercising is a must if you want to lose your fat. Simple as that. You have to exercise to lose weight there is not getting around it. You can do your exercises at a gym, home, or even outside at the park. Now a days parks usually have basic “structures” for you to work out on. You can do pull-ups, push-ups, sit-ups, and much more. Find a work-out routine that you can do and stick with it. I suggest working out for at least 4 days a week. This can be every other day or day after day. Remember to let your muscles rest. In addition to your work-out routine you should have a diet. Your diet should not starve you. Let me repeat that one more time. You should not have to starve to lose weight! A lot of people believe you need to almost starve yourself. You are actually creating your body to resist that. Instead it will store as much fat as possible. It will go into what some doctors call “survival mode”. Instead of eating less try eating more. I usually eat between 4 – 6 small meals a day. My meals are packed with veggies and fruits. Veggies and fruits are both low in calories so I can eat as much as I want. When you are dieting it is important to choose the right foods. You don’t want the nasty processed junk foods that most stores sale. You want the organic or all natural foods. While organic might be a little expensive it is definitely worth it. If you can spring for organic, try natural. Natural is just as cheap as “regular food” but is natural and will not have any processed additives or fillings. While you are purchasing your food for your meals of the week remember to do the same with snacks. Keep your snack food as healthy as possible by eating organic or natural. Snacking isn’t an evil thing even though most weight loss gurus try to create it that way. Snacking is healthy and even needed. Just make sure you are eating healthy snacks and are moderating your consumption.

Sending with Charlie: Why you should go climbing in North Vietnam

If you are even considering climbing in SE Asia, you MUST go here. Yeah, yeah, you MUST go to Tonsai Beach in Thailand as well. But Northern Vietnam offers something that Tonsai cannot. SOLITUDE. After you leave the schizophrenic pace of Hanoi, taxi your way through the armpit that is Haiphong, you will jump aboard a ferry to take you to this stunning and magical place. You will be dropped in Cat Ba, which lies on the edge of the limestone outcroppings of Halong Bay and Cat Ba National Park. Find a hotel, grab some grub and make your way to Asia Outdoors which is on the strip on the Cat Ba waterfront. The lovely staff there will set you up with a junk boat tour into Halong Bay, a deep water soloing trip or directions, motorbikes and a meal ticket to Butterfly Valley. There is an excellent guidebook available at Asia Outdoors or online here. BUTTERFLY VALLEY We started our week of climbing at Butterfly Valley. The best way to get there is to rent a motorbike at Asia Outdoors and drive out about 15 minutes to the crag. There is not much traffic so it’s safe. Park at the HIVE and say hello to the people that live there. Make sure you have the people at Asia Outdoors arrange lunch for you because it is AMAZING (You will also need to pay a small daily use fee to Asia Outdoors). The family that owns the land at Butterfly Valley will make you homemade Vietnamese food when you take your lunch break. I still have not found spring rolls that live up to the ones we had there. YUM!! Once you arrive in Butterfly Valley, there may be no one else there! It’s a beautiful, green valley with some resident cows and a handsome bull.

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