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Best Tips to Lose Up to 70 pounds with Phentermine

hey this feels super weird just sitting here and talking to a camera but I've been wanting to make a video about this for so long because when I started my journey with weight loss and with that I mean it was really confusing and I would YouTube and Google all types of different things and try to like get resources from all different types of people and it's just really lacking and it was just really hard to find information that I thought was really useful anyway so I started my journey with phentermine in January of 2019 and at that point I was around a hundred and ninety five pounds I have been trying to lose weight for about two years now and my starting point was like 230 so I had already lost like a good chunk of weight when I started this but it was just like really inconsistent and I wasn't consistent and I had plateaued and I was just really losing all my motivation and I needed a pick-me-up and at this point I was really desperate but I went in and got on phentermine with really no expectations I I wasn't confident that it would work for me I know lots of people that have taken in it didn't work for them so I wasn't like over the moon excited I was like I'll just give this a try well what my whole life I've struggled with my weight and struggled with losing weight and it's been a huge battle for me but I love fitness I have been going to a CrossFit gym for two years now it's crazy and I absolutely love it I love working out I love everything about it Fitness has been my like one easy part of this journey and losing weight just or if I thought I made it even more than it was for me already but I really wanted to make this video because I definitely think that fitter mean can be used in a bad way and can become really unhealthy for lots of people if it's not treated properly and our healthcare system hands it out really easily like I didn't have any monitoring or and I wasn't really given like a set calories that I should be eating throughout the day or just things like that that I think should really be taking this to consideration weren't really talked about with my doctor and so I could definitely see how people could misuse it and because you're not hungry but anyway so I wanted to make this video and just give my top ten tips about for using phentermine and what worked best for me and just thanks to better prepare and to try if you're going to use it to make to try to do it in a safe way anyways so I also will maybe make a video on like my personal journey and things like that if you guys felt like that would be interesting so my tip number one is to exercise finnerman gave me so much energy like it I mean it's basically speed I was literally like jittery and I think that that's why a lot of people have issues with not being able to sleep at night because they're just not using that energy so then you're all like just wide awake when you go to bed at night but for me I was already really into fitness and so I was just like crushing like my workouts and like feeling like recovering so easily for my workouts um and so I just really put that extra energy into my fitness and so I never struggled with sleeping and I really felt that that helped me and I just made it more effective because I think that a huge part of it I mean is to try to get people to exercise and I just think that that can really really help you tremendously and tip number two is water and I know that anything about weight loss it says drink water drink water but pheniramine literally gives you the worst dry mouth ever like it's literally like cottonmouth non-stop so bring water with you absolutely everywhere you go or you will regret it my mouth was so dry especially when I'm working out of my mouth would get dry so quickly so first year make sure you have water with you tip number three is to make sure that you are eating at least 300 calories or 1300 calories a day it's really easy to get on phentermine especially in the beginning and be like I'm not hungry I'm just not gonna eat and I think that that's where so many people fail because if you don't eat the second you stop taking the finner mean that you're going to eat again and you're just gonna gain the weight right back so you need to do something that is sustainable and something that you will be able to continue doing even when you're not on phentermine so even if you're not hungry eat make sure you're getting enough calories make sure you're not starving yourself in eat healthy foods I think that I feel like that yeah that's one of my other dips but I'll just go ahead and say that ones for tip number four make sure the food you're eating are healthy foods just because you're on phentermine and you're not that hungry okay sorry AB I have a three-year-old and she did not want to take her nap she had to get up and go to the bathroom anyway so like I was saying just because you're on the medicine and you don't feel hungry if you're using whatever calories you are eating for bad foods that's again all kind of be sustainable after you're off the medicine you're gonna go right back to eating these unhealthy foods and eating them much more than you are cuz you're gonna be hungry so you have to make sure that the food you're eating are healthy like you want to have a healthy lifestyle that you can continue to have even after the Madison musical we can't be on the medicine more than like six months so the goal is to create habits that you can keep with you that your body will just become normal to you um tip number five is to take your measurements and before and after pictures but more measurements than anything else like weekly if not I'd not weekly then maybe every other week whatever works for you but make sure that you take the measurements make sure that it's working for you if it's not working for you there's no point of being on the medication you would need to talk to your doctor and see like what you need to change and things like that and also it's just really fun to look back and see your progress and see everything that's happened so make sure you take those before and after pictures um tip number six is to keep a journal there is a lot of like uncertainties that comes with being on the medication it can cause people to get like really a really fast heart rate and like feel like they're almost having like panic attacks and so keep a journal of the symptoms that you have and talk to your doctor about them you don't want to be on the medication if it's gonna be a health hazard if it's going to cause you any type of issues like you want to make sure that that's something that you're noticing and taking into consideration and talking to your doctor about so make sure to write those things down I was really nervous about being on this medication and because overall health is super important to me and I almost just felt guilty and like embarrassed for taking it and so I just really did never wanted to impact anything in the second that I was feeling any type of symptom I wanted to make sure that was very self aware and being like okay no I'm done and so that's really important to like write those things down and my next tip is to ask your doctor about your body mass index and to go to your doctor appointments with questions like make sure that you're going in and talking and speaking up for yourself and getting the information that you need it because like my like I said my doctor did not just give me that information and when I first started I had no idea what to expect and I'd never taken that before so make sure that you go in asking you know what they think your calorie intake should be like how actives did you be like what symptoms should you look out for what's not okay things like that just go in with questions and make sure that you're advocating for yourself sorry I'm reading my notes I already kind of talked about this but my next tip is just to make sure that we're that you're creating habits because the overall goal should be to that this can sustain like I know that that's a big worry for people who take finnerman it's like how do you keep the weight off like how do you not gain the weight back and I think that it's even though you're on the medicine you're training your body and your mind to eat and exercise a certain way and if you do that consistently then it just becomes a habit without you even noticing like when I got off the medicine I didn't even notice and I I took it for a little over four months and during my fourth month like the the 30 days that I had in the bottle I'd even finished the whole thing because I was like I don't even need this like at that point it was just I just felt really confident that I could continue I didn't feel like it was something that I needed anymore and so I just threw it away and was done and I honestly I didn't notice anything at all like my body was so trained and I had been so consistent of my eating and my fitness that it just doesn't like continued and I think that that should be the overall goal for everybody um I think my last goal which our last ball my last tip which is really important is to not think that the medicine is going to make you lose weight just by itself like you have to put in the work you have to be willing to eat healthy and exercise and get good sleep and do everything that you already know you need to do to lose weight for this medicine to be effective it's not just gonna be a fix for all you can't go into it thinking that you're like oh I'm just gonna take the medicine I'm gonna lose the weight and I think that a lot of people can go into it thinking that way don't see the results that they won't see but anyway I hope that this helped you guys um if there's any questions feel free to leave comments and if you want to see more information on my finnerman journey i'll try to be around how to do like a before and after and put it in here just so you guys have a better idea of like how it helped me um so let me know if you want me to do any other videos

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