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14 day on Phentermine Results

hi guys welcome back to my channel so today is August 15 well it's like literally 140 right not in the morning but anyways um I think I see in my past videos I attempted to lose 10 pounds and I do not go well I imagine that you lost 1 pound which is like quite embarrassing and I'm not satisfied so since I'm not satisfied I'm going back to my way so back in 2007 to once I got out of high school I started taking this pill called Federman and this front of me pill it surprises my appetite and I was at 167 then and I lost I'm not quite a few pounds because I I started 1c 7 I stopped when I was at 136 and I remember I I was taking it for like two and a half months like I stopped taking it when I I started college I mean I believe I still took it I don't quite remember but I remember like once I started college I kind of stopped but yeah but anyways I'm going back on the pill and I would just show you guys my journey so the last time I weighed myself I was at 145 that was yesterday which was that the 3d fit scan and I'll show you guys my body fat and everything and all the measurement of the scan thing right here at the beginning so I'm gonna keep you guys up and everyday and show you guys what the pill does to me how it affects me and everything like that and I'll show you guys want to be eating too so what this pill I call acts a magic pill because it really does like you really don't even think you don't feel like eating like once you eat sweet it doesn't even taste good like that's how the pill works I don't want to tell like a drug addict anything but yes don't judge me on how I take it cuz this is how I like I like to see instant results because I'm the type of person I mean I do have the patient but it's just once I start school I'm not gonna be able to go to the gym because I have to work too and then my parents are gonna go to bit Nam soon so I have to manage their business and take a bunch of other factor that like plays and then I know how time is it just keep it shine simple I don't have time I'm taking the shortcut which is to pill it's just like totally what everyone is against but this is my way of doing it so please don't hate whatever it is just watch it and just watch how I got there but yeah hi guys so especially day one of me being on the pill so I took it this morning this is what I normally do since I can't really wake up that early well cuz I work out the gym around went to the gym around 12 I came home around 12:30 almost 1:00 so anyways I usually set my alarm clock at like 6 a.m. and have my pills here with my water so I just take it go back to bed so that's what I did and I know it myself this morning about one forty five point six so just wait until tomorrow let's see what the bigger V is tomorrow so today is finding my day off I have a lot of things to running errands and stuff so yeah I have my thermal and then the hydro floss is a thermal flash it's the same thing as a hydro is like one liter you know that's talking really fast this gets your heart beating like it it's fast paced but yeah so with the pill it comes with two other things - it comes with like um a red fiber pill and plus a fat burner pill so I take three pill so the Fed I mean the car block there must be a call it in the fat burner so yeah oh okay so I'll show you guys where to eat or take pictures and I just post it here and you guys know what eaten day one but yeah it won't be a lot it must be water I remember back then my first day is like water water water I crave water more than anything like right now I tend is very dry and I like really won't want that's all I could think of but yeah okay it's a happy day would I guys happy day - so I'm at one 44.4 look at that like I didn't think I'll drop that much I thought be like a 145 borderline because normally I'm when I'm bigger I loose more but maybe cuz that's what the water weight flushing or everything but anyways 144 before that it's equivalent to of me doing that was it home almost a month 21 more than a little bit over 21 days of eating healthy or trying to remember I did watch what I eat trying to eat healthy and only lost one pound in the equivalent to today you're saying I lost one pound well more well almost one pound I was at one 45.6 I thought I think right I don't know 145 my something but today well 44.4 yeah so um I'll show you guys want to eat over here hi guys happy day 3 of Federman so I'm at one forty three point five what am I still messy please excuse it okay but I got one for you point five that's how I'm I'm pretty shocked why I'm losing this much because yesterday do eat okay it's not like I don't eat but it's just food don't taste as good this is how I feeling right now and I get I craved water more than food that's what you guys need to know but yeah so one for 3.5 I'm losing pretty good I thought I would slow down at this rate but I guessing not and this is a huge difference I was at one forty four point something yesterday so I think maybe a pound already I don't know shouldn't be this fast so what in a couple days it should be like half a pound a day but if it's like a pound a day they'll be amazing but yeah hi guys happy day for the tell us about 143 flat so that means right now I should be losing every day half a pound so yeah so everything's going well oh I'm still craving water the tongue is like it's always gonna be like that I think that's one of the effects of the pill that it gets okay you create water more than anything be it I don't remember quite often I remember I had Thai food two slices of pizza and I forgot what else hi guys happy August 25th I don't know what day I'm on the pill but I'll put it down here anyways I'm not one 22.6 so I thought I didn't think I would go down that much yesterday I ate a lot well not a lot ate like six been pop pop it's like Asian food and then I ate like three spring rolls and then I had a boba and then what else I forgot see how I tell you these pills are like wonder like I'm telling you I can't so my gym pass already like just cuz um I only made the open the gym pass for this boy that the other video did the last video I saw was Oh what was it my time to lose 10 pounds like dude Africa I they start 145 right I'm ready down three pounds and that's like a lot faster than my whole 20 I think twenty four days of me trying to eat healthy working all that and I didn't lose any weight and compared to a couple days of the pill movie at 1:42 but and I'm eating like yeah I saw and there's some days where I ate chips some days away I'm healthy food but still I'm going down you see how like I don't know and I wanna like say that pill is like everything was just that's how I feel I don't know okay hi guys happy August 26 know what day it is on the pill but dude okay I'm not one 41.9 I'm surprised yesterday I go home late I have school like in an hour and today is my first day of school and oh my god I woke up early I woke up at 5:00 I don't know why I chose to take a 7 a.m. but anyways um I'm just gonna wait till class starts to take the pill since it's so early in the morning in a what take it right now and then start peeing cuz I only have like two classes today I get out like 9:45 so at least I've had to pee in between so I'll just probably take it right once class starts or like towards the end or like I don't know if like probably around 7:30 or 8:00 so then I have time to pee in between - so yeah yesterday I had shabu hotpot and bla bla so busy where was busy all day I didn't eat that much I don't even eat well I like small bites of cereal but that doesn't really count as like a lot of stuff hi guys happy August 2017 I'm at one forty two point seven so right now I'm about a plateau I think it's because I didn't take the water pill yet so with these pills they give you for water so just will stick one a week and it's been more than a week already I think I believe it's more than week already yeah and I still haven't taken the water pill yet so I probably ticket on like a Friday something cuz with the water could you even be more like once you take it everything you like flushes up everything in your system so today's Tuesday after school so I won't take into like probably Thursday night or Friday morning one of those days we yeah hi guys happy August 28th 2019 so I'm currently at one forty one point eight so yesterday night I came home I realized that I should take the water pill because I felt too bloated I wanted to pee everything out because I feel it in my stomach when I you know I know I can feel the water in there so then I decided to take the water pill I took the right before I went to bed so I peed out like a lot majority of the time but it's okay it's all good my taste buds are like okay um majority time I'm just like I just eat it cuz I know I need to update my system but the other time just like okay like whatever is it oh yeah okay oh I'm almost there i 141 48 that's it I like have you see so much change from this then my my going to the gym working out hi guys happy August 29th so I'm at 1/4 point seven so I found out why I was floating I'm on my period uh I mean I got my period last night so it all make sense why I was bloated the other day but yeah so um yesterday and it okay what did I eat yesterday Oh yesterday after I got a Class A to Taco Bell Taco thingy and then a three-layer the--it's new buddy I'll be only in half of it and then I got my seventies um Barney was mug bean with mixed with taro only drank half of it out us all so my friends gonna be a large I don't know why they did them I told them a small but yeah and then I ate half a bun mean half a sandwich and then I ate some candy like hi-chew and that was it but yeah about one forty point seven look how fast that is guys like I'm almost to my goal I'm like 5 pounds away you guys always see me at that like next week yeah oh my god hi guys so currently I'm editing my Federman feel right now and if I gotta tell you guys that I did not take the pill consecutively like 30 days I would skip the pill because one one of those days I was going to Disneyland the other time I had like a sleep full with my friends and then I was catching with old friends I had like a bunch of plans planned out and all involve food and obviously when I'm on the field I could barely eat so even though I'm off the pill but the effect of stilted me my et pushin was still the same where it kind of like didn't really work where I would eat as much but still this was a course up from August 15 to 13 to 29 I did not take consecutively I would take it either everyday and then out I don't know how many days I skipped exactly but I know for sure there were like more than four or five days I did not take the pill so out of John the 59 they're like yeah cuz I didn't finish my bottle yet so last time I weighed myself I was at 140 points up being on the August 29 I was like 142 something I decided I'm not gonna take the whole month supply because I want to work on other projects like I want to go back to like my seven days of different things so the next one will be like I don't know I like to do a better cleanse or other diet and fasting so I decided I'm already at 140 so I'm good right now I put the pills on the side if I ever got old boy I probably go back on it but as a right now I'm good so this is just my experience with the pill I've taken this before I just had to take this again because the gym did not work out yeah I saw like but it was bad like that whole month I I mean I don't know what I did wrong but I didn't lose how I wanted maybe I was losing interest or something but for weight-wise I lost one pound which is pretty sad and you guys that's what the pill for August 15 to the 29th I was able to drop like five pounds and that's it was just me controlling what I ate and I did not work out at all like I told you guys and I ate like there's only eight healthy food I like whatever I mean there were mix of healthy food but mix of non healthy food too but it's still I lost the weight and I didn't have to work out Murray I like short cut I don't like working out I know eventually along the line I have to work out to be physically active and whatever but for me I can't not right now like I like put an excuse right now I'm not working out that's not me right now but yeah but anyways so this is just to give you guys how I go how better me was to me how I got through it so what's better means you have to take it before like they say on the bottle before 9:00 a.m. but I honestly don't listen to that I take it like at 7:00 or like before 8:30 like if it's past 8:00 there and will not take the belt because for one you will stay up like if it's your first time taking for the means and you take it like past 9:00 a.m. you stay up like 2:00 3:00 in the morning I don't know why but it just that's how it works so with the front of me I had to make sure I was taking it on time because I noticed some other time I would just press the news on my line this was one of the reason why I wasn't taking to fill consecutively some time is my time period and I don't take it and also what the feta mean to me is just like a jump start or like a boost so I don't rely on the pill like the glass that I've taken this was back in 2017 and from 2002 to now this is what I'm taking again like I I'm not like addicted to it but it's just it helps you get me where I want to and it just I know I see faster results like I don't rely on it once like right now for today's like September something but since August 29th I stopped the pill because I wanted to work on this stuff and last time away myself was like September something and I was around the 140 I still able to manage it because some people can't control ourselves they go back because I have my friends over some of my friends I told them about the club is taking it and I told them you're gonna manage your weight like yes these two will help you get where you are but after the pill like after you don't with the pill you need to know how to control yourself for us you can get all that weight that you are lost so some of them are doing okay some of them get back one or two pound but none of them came back all the way which is really good anyway yeah so this is just to help like I said this is just to help get you what you want and from there you have to control yourself if you don't control yourself obviously you can go back but I could control myself it was just that after my ten days water fasting my birth month hit and I was celebrating I was eating over 80 I can't believe I get like 10 pounds I laid so basically I did the pill because after my water fasting and after my birth month and gain extra 10 pounds at 1:46 I was not satisfied I want to go back so I you know I gave myself a month just to work out eating healthy and all but he lost one pound I got frustrated so I'm like oh heck no I have to go on the pill because 15 to the 19th I lost five pounds so you see how I do it it makes this really makes me sound really bad but this is how honestly I'm able to control myself but yeah um so yeah so thank you guys for watching please like it subscribe is a supermax see you bye guys

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