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Mistakes while Taking Phentermine

hi my name is dr. Covington I am the owner of abundant health and vitality associates here in Charlotte North Carolina this is a medical weight management clinic and I do weight loss full-time I am a board-certified internal medicine doctor and berry nutrition berry attrition is basically a weight loss doctor so today I'm going to talk about the most common mistake that patients make with a thinner mean why am I talking about fitter mean because it is the most commonly prescribed weight loss of medication in the United States it is one that I use quite often it's a medication that's been around forever it's been around since the 1950s and it's pretty effective when it's used for the right person so there's a lot of people who have taken phentermine who are currently buying phentermine online or interested in filming and I would like to help you avoid a very common mistake so that you can have better results if you're one of my patients taking phentermine than I already go through all the things that you need to know about the weight loss process and the medication process but for those of you who are not my patients this is a way for you to get some additional information so that you can have really good results if you are taking phentermine as well as other diet pills that really reduce fat that are medically proved, so phentermine is a FDA approved weight loss medicine it's in the amphetamine class I have a whole video devoted to phentermine how it works side effects how it works for weight loss we also have a blog on our website that talks about that Amin as well so I'm not going to get into a lot of the background with it the video will be linked below on YouTube but it is a weight loss medication and its primary effect is to suppress your appetite it also helps with metabolism so in the process of suppressing appetite a lot of things happen people make better nutrition choices they eat less they have smaller portions they're obsessing less about food so they may go longer stretches without eating they have less food that is higher calorie or just random food you know if you're really hungry throughout the day or you're always thinking about food you just eat random things that add up on the scale so it is an appetite suppressing medication it's also a medication that gives you energy so people have more energy to exercise or not as tired than ice fatigue they get more personal things done throughout the day as one that one of the effects that my patients tell me about you know now when I get home I'm not sleeping on a couch I'm able to get up and actually do stuff and of course the more active you are even outside of a defined exercise the more active you are the more calories you're burning and people lose weight for that reason too so although it is an appetite suppressing medication one of the most common mistakes that people make with phentermine is they don't eat there is a difference between making better nutrition choices eating less eating less of the wrong things and not eating the medication can be strong enough especially in the beginning innocent also for certain people to where their entire appetite is taken away you know they may go an entire day and not eat they may eat just once a day or twice a day or go several hours without eating that is one of the worst things that you can do with phentermine there's a couple reasons why the first reason is because you need nutrition you need proper nutrition you need the right vitamins minerals macronutrients in order for your body to function properly the medication may make you feel great in the beginning but over time if you start to develop the nutrient deficiencies you're gonna feel really crappy you're gonna feel fatigued you know you're not gonna look as good you're not gonna look as healthy your skin's not going to glow as much you're gonna lose you know all the things that come with proper nutrition because you're not getting it so one is nutrition you still need proper nutrition for your heart to work properly for your brain to function properly for your body to do all the things that it needs to do on a daily basis so you're not eating can lead to improper or poor nutrition the next thing that happens is that in the beginning you have a stronger appetite suppressing effect and if you were just not eating at all eating one meal a day let's use that as an example and one small Milla day you may be able to do that for some time but as you continue on the medication you become less able to do that though the less you eat on phentermine the more you are going to increase cravings and hunger in the future so what happens is people get these huge numbers the first month oh I lost 40 pounds in a month a lot of 30 pounds in a month I lost 20 pounds in a month and then a couple weeks after they don't lose any more weight they start to gain weight why is that if you're not eating your body is gonna recover those calories it's going to recover that fat that you lost and because you lost it the wrong way it's gonna have a easier time recovering that if you're not eating properly you're also not going to be preserving your lean muscle which when we look at the micronutrients the micronutrients out we do that most with this protein if you have poor nutrition I can pretty much guess it you have a poor amount of protein or a poor source of protein so if you're not preserving the muscle mass your muscle is is being reduced and you're making it easier to gain back weight because your basal metabolic rate is coming down so basal metabolic rate is the amount of calories that you're burning 24 hours a day at rest so not doing any exercise and everybody has a number that that they burn calories for so if you're not eating you're reducing your nutrition you're reducing your muscle mass you're increasing your cravings and hunger in the future and and when we take phentermine one of the things you have to think is think long term don't get so infatuated with the scale and seeing big numbers in the beginning that you're not thinking about what's going to happen a year from now what what habits am i introducing or teaching my body that are gonna be sustainable a year from now or two years from now or three years from now so not eating will get you into a lot of trouble not only because you're more likely to gain all the weight back but because you cannot maintain not eating for a long period of time it doesn't matter how long you take phentermine eventually if you do not eat that affect will wear off what you want to do with phentermine is you want to have proper nutrition and you want to be sure that you're going to a clinic that is comprehensive enough that they're taking the time to teach you about proper nutrition what we do in our clinic is we electronically monitor everybody's nutrition at least for the first four months so we look at every single thing that they're eating and we make recommendations based on macronutrients but also some of the food choices we do not turn patients into calorie counters that's not the purpose but for them to learn about their food and also eat the the most nutritious foods so you want to be sure that you're going to a place that's comprehensive enough to where they're not just giving you a prescription for better minutes anew you want your way but they're going through the nutrition with you so that you can build long-term habits that are really going to benefit you in the future with your nutrition you want to be sure that you are eating throughout the day and there's a couple different ways to do this what I recommend for a typical patient is that you do eat breakfast you take the fin amine when you wake up first thing in the morning you eat a breakfast sometime within the hour and that you try to eat every four hours whether people eat three times a day or six times a day is personalized based on that patient but at least eating throughout the day at least three times a day at the very least that's going to keep your glucose levels level throughout the day it's going to keep glucose from spiking and peaking and spiking and going up and down and all over the place which is going to also increase hunger and cravings and it also keeps some routines and some consistency in the way that individuals eat if you're eating well one day and you're eating poorly another day that's not a very effective way to lose weight long term you want to be consistent in what you're doing every single day so let's see is there anything else that I want to say about that so not eating is bad on phentermine resist the urge to do that yes it is suppressing your appetite but you should still be eating that does not mean that you eat things that are bad or that you have to eat a lot you should be eating wholesome nutrition good amounts of protein healthy fats complex carbohydrates avoiding things that are processed kind and sugar and avoiding things that are just really not going to help you with your weight loss efforts so I hope that this was beneficial the other thing I want to say really quickly and I try to say this whenever I talk about weight loss medications especially phentermine phentermine is not the only weight loss medication on the market it is the oldest it is one of the cheapest actually it is the cheapest and we know that it is effective and for the most part for the right patient it can be pretty predictable however phentermine will not work for everybody and if you're going to a clinic that only prescribed spinor mean you are at a disservice because there are other medications that may be better suited for you so it's not the only medication there are at least eight fda-approved weight-loss medications and in our clinic we use all of them we use everything to our full disposal and we make sure that we target the right medication to the right patient so don't skip eating don'ts not eat on phentermine eat healthy eat wholesome eat throughout the day if you can't eat a lot that's okay eat eat a small amount eat a small portion that's gonna help you long-term good luck and I will see you that was my ice maker I will see I will see you soon

How to Buy Phentermine Online

hi this is Lisa she's eager to learn more about phentermine phentermine is the most popular prescription weight-loss medication in the United States it is a central nervous system stimulant that suppresses appetite and boosts energy to help you lose weight faster phentermine is a scheduled for controlled substance so it's only available with a doctor's prescription phentermine should only be taken for about three months at a time this is to achieve maximum results and reduce the risk of addiction despite a long list of potential side effects such as dry mouth insomnia constipation headache and dizziness phentermine is generally considered safe when taken as prescribed we can buy almost anything online these days and you used to be able to buy phentermine pills online too however in the early 2000s it became illegal to buy or sell controlled substances online this law is to both protect the patient and to minimize the misuse or abuse of the potentially addictive medication it is now illegal to buy or sell real phentermine online you must meet with a physician for a face-to-face consultation to get a prescription for this medication any site claiming to sell real phentermine online without a prescription is most likely selling a knockoff or may even be operating illegally any licensed and practicing physician can prescribe phentermine weight loss pills if you are interested in a prescription for phentermine talk to your primary care doctor he or she should be your first option for phentermine if you are a good candidate for the medication but your doctor doesn't prescribe phentermine consider a visit to a local weight loss clinic or bariatric doctor your gynecologist or another trusted physician that sees you you can fill a prescription for Federman weight loss pills at most major pharmacies if none of your doctors feel that fatter mean is right for you or if you're worried about potential side-effects it's best to steer clear of this medication instead consider a powerful over-the-counter weight loss supplement like fan caps brought to the market in 2012 fen caps is a natural over-the-counter weight loss supplement that suppresses appetite and boosts energy with absolutely no side effects fen caps are proudly made in the USA and available online 24 hours a day to read more about fan caps or place your order today click on the link in the description below

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