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How i lost 65 Pounds down - My Success story

hi-yah today is all business because I have therapy like a half hour I'm still wearing my nightgown and it's just a mess over here but today I'm doing my questions video umm what and I'm just gonna start at the beginning so the first one that I get the most is what are your biggest tips what's the best advice that you have just people that don't really want to watch my whole thing they just want like a few tips with my best advice I would say that my best advice is drink a gallon of water everyday stay under 1200 calories and do intermittent fasting when you start phenylene do it how many times a day do I take a pill I take it one time a day I take I was taking the 30 milligram slow-release and then I moved up to the 37 milligram capsule which gave me headaches and I split that one in half and now I'm taking 37.5 slow-release so that's where I am now how long have I been on it this is my sixth month and I'm stopping up to this month I've kind of like really chilled out and I barely take it now do I have loose skin I don't have loose skin the skin on my stomach it's not like rock-hard abs but it's not loose by all means like it's not flappy but a big part of that is rollerskating please do some kind of exercise with this or else your chances of gaining it back are so much higher I would say three times a week and just go skating that's what I always do my videos but people don't realize it but skating works your core your butt and your legs like that's what most women just want it really really bad to look good the next one is where do I get it you have to go to a doctor to get phentermine and another question was can you get it online I wouldn't because online you could get scammed even if it seems legit like on one of my fellow mean sites on Facebook I've seen a few people get it online from my online doctor but I never followed through to see if like they were getting random targets on their car like anything can happen and that's actually really illegal so even if that is possible right now I just want trust it to get better and I mean this is your body it's a drug you don't want to just buy it from some person online defend caps work is good it's fun I mean I don't think so they're not a prescription they're not as strong I've never tried it myself so I can't say for sure but I'm just gonna go with the prescription strength versus the one that sold online um I had a point with that last one oh you have to go to the doctor to be prescribed than I mean when another question was how do you ask for it most doctors actually have a weight-loss program but it's not like highly advertised and a lot of them I mean it's an easy visit they just check your blood pressure and write you a prescription it's not hard so most doctors are not gonna give you that much of a hard time ome check your heart - all I did was I said that I wanted to do the weight loss program and I've heard about Phaenomena and I'd like to try it and it was that easy for me what brand I'm actually every time that I've went to Walmart I have gotten a different brand so I wouldn't really worry about that literally since the beginning all of them have been different if you're going to the pharmacy and you're getting it from the pharmacy I wouldn't worry about it it's gonna be effective it's you know made by the FDA or maybe the guidelines are created in them they're checked by the FDA so I feel like the the brand it's not a big deal because like I said I've went through so many brands I just feel like it's useless to start talking about that but one thing I just posted a video about the capsules versus the tablets and I would really go with the slow-release capsule because they help you all day and it's just like a steady release instead of just spoil and that feeling being gone after two hours and then you're hungry and then a lot of people don't do good with the side effects of the in-your-face fast release because I got a headache every time I could not take them how much do I pay and does insurance cover it no it doesn't I've never seen it in case where it did um but I only pay anywhere from 20 to like $30 so usually right around 25 and I get mine from Walgreens go online to good rx comm and you can find a place near you and it'll give you a coupon but you do have to go to the doctor for it it's a prescription another one is so that's how much I pay and then I pay 50 for the doctor visit so altogether it will cost me about 80 a month you can only take it for some people say three months some say six some have been taking it for years but the guideline that I see everywhere is three to six months and then you have the possibility of developing heart valve issues which it's not worth it to me that's why this is my six month and I have like you've been tapering off a lot and I had a lot of breaks in between I see everywhere that when people try a second time after taking a break years later they're like it's not working it's not the right brand and I I just see everywhere everywhere especially on this phone I mean positivity site it just doesn't work that well the second time around so if this is your first time and you're ready to try it go at it like you only have a month you need to go at it like you're gonna give it your all eat your ten or a thousand to 1200 calories a day drink your water go exercise like really kick its ass oh and that's another thing calories it's just calories in versus out I know it's crazy to think about it like that like no way it's not that easy but if you eat a very small amount of calories which the Fenneman helps you with because it's an appetite suppressant my huge thing is I just love food they love to eat all the time when I'm always hungry so I'm sure you are too if you're here watching this video and I would say you know give it a try go talk to your doctor see if it could help you because I don't know if my journey would have been possible without the fan I mean I just love food and it's a horrible excuse I feel like I feel weak because I can tackle anything in this life and I have and I've been through some things but food I just always loved food and I got up to almost 250 and you know I hated myself I could everyone thought I was pretty and so nice and I'm just like yeah okay like I could not see the beauty in myself anymore or in life I got to that point um well not in life like I love my babies I still had wonderful things around me but definitely I couldn't see the beauty in me and I just was self-conscious and sad all the time but I still couldn't give up the food so if that sounds like you I think that you should definitely try it um I'm trying to think I actually wrote all of these down in my phone all the questions and now since I'm using the camera I can't look at them but I've covered most of the bases how tall am I I keep getting that one I'm five six I'm like in between five five and five six so five six and I started at 247 please exercise three times a day for a half hour and then once you get better at it go to 45 minutes and then go to an hour and just find something that you love to do that's not just like so repetitive everyday that you're just gonna hate yourself when you're doing it just find something you love that's why I'm so blessed to have found skating and I saw someone comment today I just spent six hours on my YouTube channel guys because I have been procrastinating life and I've just I've been so busy I started at a new salon I do roller derby three times a week I do I serve on the weekend to the bar I have two kids like life has been crazy and I haven't been keeping up with my youtube and I'm so sorry so I just spent six hours replying and editing and YouTube keeps screwing me every time I try to upload a video it will get to like 95% processed and then stay there for two days and then just be like oh it's a re over and over again and I'm like I can't post this video so I'm getting off track I think I'm running out of time but um I also do a lot of stuff about diatomaceous earth which you'll have to revisit the old videos because I'm running out of time but it's so good for your hair your skin your nails weight loss getting rid of Candida and the body he's it's amazing and people ask me how many days it takes to feel better so I'm gonna kind of go into those questions I felt better after seven days like six to eight should do it for you I started off with a big dose cuz I not the type of person that starts small um so I would have just a huge heaping tablespoon like keeping the whole like just a mound so it was probably like four tablespoons even which is a lot most people start at one and I'm like no I'm fine I got this and it detox is you like you're like a sickness would you're gonna get sick because it's getting rid of all the bad in your body but like I said I can't really go into it and I feel like there's one more thing about Center I mean so just loose skin the water of the calories I was size twenty when I started and now I am a twelve to fourteen which is I want to lose about ten more pounds ten to fifteen so I'm always there and I did stop taking it for a month and I didn't gain any weight back but I was very motivated at the time and I stayed on my calories I stayed exercising I stayed drinking water now a few weeks ago I just went crazy I started eating everything and I think it's I get like that before my period it's just ridiculous Oh another question before my period I always gained five pounds like and I'm just like why God like me and that's just water weight ladies you can gain 5 to 7 pounds of water weight before your period or on any given day if you don't drink enough water so try not to be a slave to the scale like me please did I lose more weight on HCG drops or Fenneman I lost more on HCG drops but I had more willpower than I didn't have kids I ate delicious snacks all day and our husband to cook for I lost I think was 30 pounds even in 28 days and my first month defender main I lost almost that but a little less but now with with snaps thing around and food all day I just don't seem to have the willpower so I would go with feta mean and I don't take them together that was also a question you could the hcg job that I used to buy were eBay drops and they were the actual hormone but now that's been banned they do have synthetic ones at Walmart though but it's not the hormone anymore so it's not gonna be as good I prefer the capsules I'm sure I've said that like three or four times I got it go I think I'm running late and I'm tired people I just I hate that I always seem like crazy or hide it see in my videos but I'm just tired cuz it right now it's Sunday and I i slept two hours yesterday in like two and a half the day before because i'm a bar server at night and then my kids wake me up very early in the morning so i get very little but that's it that's all if you do have any more questions I'm going to be answering questions every night now so I don't get myself in this situation again so feel free to ask and I'll answer them around bedtime so I really feel like I'm missing something important but think so bye guys I hope you have a really good day and I hope I answered everyone's questions and here's a full body shot because everyone's like show your legs is this given you I'm just kidding bye see you later

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