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42 pounds in 8 weeks - My Real Success

hi everybody I'm being super lazy today I'm just waiting on my husband to get him so I can go to work and instead of doing this to my car I'm gonna do right now because I'm running late sorry my lips are dry life has been absolutely crazy too like all my regulars life has been so crazy but for people that click on this video just for the thumbnail of like who she lost weight let's see what she did what I'm doing is for me which is a weight loss pill what feta mean does is it helps you to not have so much of an appetite so it's a really strong appetite suppressant it works very good I don't think I could have done it without the phentermine because I have no control when it comes to eating it's really sad but um if you do have something to feed do you think you can do it without finna mean I have lots of amazing tips for you the first one being 1200 calories a day or under never under a thousand though and I would always try to keep it really close to 1200 so in order to do that you have to eat less obviously and if you're like me and you're like oh I wasn't eating that much um to begin with or I'm not even as much to begin with it's a thyroid problem I just I don't eat that many calories just take one day and eat exactly like you used to or exactly like you used to yeah and you're gonna be you're gonna be blown away by how many calories you eat I was eating like three thousand-plus so my biggest tips are water so so much water all the time at least 100 ounces of water with minimum 90 but at least 100 you know just do it just drink the hundred um green green tea if you're feeling really hungry and you just feel like you need to eat something green tea will help a lot no sugar my biggest thing is stop drinking your calories so that means juice that means soda that sweet tee' none of them also another thing I like to do is in a minute fast I feel like that is it's just amazing and that's like numero uno for me my biggest help besides the water because you're giving yourself this timeframe to eat so instead of eating just all the time all day long 12 hours every day and continually putting food in your stomach to digest you choose a set timeframe so for me - 12 - 7 I don't eat before that time I don't eat after that time and what happens is during the times that I'm not eating I'm in a fasted mode and I help my body to burn my sugar stores in my fat stores there was actually a study done and people that ate the same amount of calories the ones that dead intermittent fasting actually lost more weight and they did nothing else besides eat in certain time frames of the day if you have any questions you can just just ask me I say this like every video because I know people watching my stuff there's a lot of returned people but there's one in new so I try to cover it all but if you want to know more I think I went further into detail on my very last video I did so for the results today is the end of week eight and I have lost 42 pounds that's last time I came to you guys last Friday I was at 210 and now I'm at 205 so that's another 5 pounds like it just wild to me that I'm still losing so fast and it's it's so exciting because I still have another month to go on my treatment and I'm already down 42 pounds like I have this fat flap I started with and now my stomach is like really flat I guess I would have to get up to show you know be silly but compared to like how I started I don't think you guys ever like really saw me in the beginning so it's it's hard for you to see but I'm so tired but I like whenever I tried to hide in every video but you can just see even at my face like there's just really no hiding someone's face when they do videos I packed all day like we have to move in two days and I procrastinate it down to the very last second so I'm so tired because I packed all day and then I had to get ready really fast for work now I'm ready for work and I have to work all the way till 2:00 a.m. okay so another big thing for me exercise you have to exercise if you don't want to go crazy exercising don't but you need to get your body going at least three times a week every week for me mine I think skating is amazing especially for women because it works sure core it works your thighs it works your butt and I feel like those are like the most important thing for us you know that's what all the women I see are they're aiming those are the areas they want to improve and skating works all those as well as is one of the most fat burning or calorie burning exercises besides running so that's amazing if you've never skated just try it just go get some skates they don't have to be the best skates and just go skating somewhere that's flat start out with a half an hour a day you know what's gonna hurt at first your feet are not used to it but your body will thank you that's the one thing I can always do and I always lose weight really quick when I start doing it because my body just it loves exercise but then I go into these times when I just stop everything and I gained all this weight which I'm not gonna do that again because I'm finally losing it all and it feels so good it's just so crazy to me that I still have 40 pounds to lose like that's wild and that's the whole reason it took me so long to do this because I'm sitting here like I have more than 80 pounds to lose like what's the point and I'm just so excited that I'm over halfway there I can't really think of anything else please pick up questions ask him really good about um getting back to people on my YouTube because I love you all and I want you all to succeed you get in front of me from the doctor but you have to be in the obese category range which I was if you just have like a few pounds to lose they will not prescribe it because it has side effects that could be dangerous if you can do it without front of me do it without kind of mean by all means just get used to that after a few months all your old cravings will go away like I don't even want chips and soda anymore even on the days that I don't take it of course it is a lot harder there are other things but all right I'll talk to you guys later just just if you have questions ask I gotta go bye

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