MARCH 12th - APRIL 07th

As a climber, you've probably already been asked the classic question: "Have you seen the film Free Solo?" or "would you like to climb Everest one day?"

Admittedly, climbing in a gym, whether on rope or bouldering, has little to do with alpinism. But just for fun, we asked ourselves: How many routes would you have to climb at Allez UP to reach the summit of Mount Everest? ...

... 590 routes! And since an expedition of this scale can't be done in a day, we're giving you and your team 1 month to rack up as many routes as possible - and even make it to the Summit of the World.

Throughout the expedition to Everest, refueling kits will be offered to participants + special prizes are reserved for the 3 teams who reach the highest, furthest overall altitude.




For each session, enter the number of routes climbed here: KEEP TRACK OF MY POINTS


It's pretty simple: enter your team name (make sure you spell it right) + indicate the date of your sesh and the number of routes climbed.

As a reminder: main floor routes are worth 15 meters, while mezzanine routes are worth 10.





Team results will be recorded and regularly updated here:  FOLLOW RESULTS

A leaderboard will also be updated in the gym + a QR code will allow you to follow the accumulated results of each team live.



Everest is really high... So, to allow all teams to climb the peaks, we've divided the expedition into 16 pitchs.

Then, to ensure thats all climbers stay in shape, Refuelling Kits are provided.


Before embarking on such an expedition, it's best to be well equipped - that's why we're offering a 15% discount on all MAMMUT gear. 

*single-use offer. one code per climber - cumulative with the 10% offered to EFT and yearly members.

Real alpinists personalize their backpack and protect their lips from the sun. 

Pass El Capitan's summit (2 308m) then come to the front to pocket 6 UP THE WALL exclusive stickers along with a Allez Up chapstick.  

You gotta be tired by now !? 

After reaching the Matterhorn's summit (4 478m), come pick up your energy kit at the reception desk. It will give you a much needed boost to carry on. 

1 NAÄK snack  + 4 sour keys per climber + 1 coffee

*Non-exchangable for other snacks. Until stocks run out

Denali is 6,190m, a height where it starts to get cold - time to suit up!  After you've passed this summit, come pick up your UP THE WALL t-shirt at the reception desk.

*1 t-shirt per climber. limited quantities and sizes - first come, first served. 




The idea is to form teams up to 4 climbers - ideally 2 roped parties. But if you want to do this as a solo, duo or trio, it's up to you.



Is your team incomplete or do you need reinforcements? No problem, you can register your team now and add a climber later, just make sure to use the same team name.


To complete or join a team, you can visit the Communauté Allez UP Facebook group - it's the best place to find partners.


*if you want to know more, check out the FAQ below.

UP THE WALL starts on March 12, and you can register from today until March 31. Please note that your climbs will only be counted once you've registered and the event has started.

BONUS: you don't want to miss the kick-off night at the BASE CAMP PARTY on March 12 in Pointe-Saint-Charles - so register as soon as possible!

If fate plays tricks on your team (injury, illness, or even disappearance), you have until end of the first week to adjust your team. The results of the new member(s) are transferable, but only during the first week (up to and including March 19).

If you come accros a solo climber or a duo motivated to join your team (after the first week) here's the deal: You can add a new member - but, beware, all results previously accumulated by the new member(s) will be reset to zero.

If you want to merge 2 teams, the sentence will be the same - only one team's points will be kept.




You don't want to miss a second to start your climb ans reach your goals? Join us on March 12 at 5pm in Pointe-Saint-Charles for the Base Camp Party.

The idea is simple: just like at the strat of a Marathon, we invite you and your team to come and enjoy a "pre-race" with NAÄK snacks, LOOP drinks a MAMMUT stand, a little party and a "starting line".