The Bouldering 101 course will cover the basic of bouldering, how to warm up, climbing techniques, climbing holds and movements terminology as well as understanding the boulder circuits. Its teaching also apply to route climbing.


  • PRICE: $54.95 + tax
  • DURATION: 120 minutes

Price includes: course and one week of unlimited bouldering including shoe and chalk rental during that time.


Are you climbing comfortably within the blue circuits? Feel like challenging yourself?

The Bouldering 201 course is exactly what you need! Join our new four-weeks-program designed to take your bouldering to the next level.

  • > Our experienced instructors will teach you new techniques and help you refine your skills,
  • > Learn how to read routes and problem-solve, get personalized feedback, identify areas for improvement and track your progress.

Courses are structured to be fun and engaging, with opportunities for hands-on learning and group discussion.

By the end of the program, you will be a better, more complete and confident climber, ready to take on new challenges and push your limits.


  • PRICE: $64.50 + tx
  • DURATION: 8 hours total (4x2hrs)
  • MINIMUM AGE: 16yo at time of the course
  • LEVEL REQUIRED : The participant must master yellow, orange and green steps and evolve in blue ones

*Participants who do not show up for the reserved sessions will be charged a $15 rescheduling fee (depending on future availability)


For bouldering, you only need climbing shoes and a chalk bag. Everything is included during the course. You can also purchase your own.

You do not need a partner to boulder.

Comfortable loose or flexible clothing is most recommended. You can wear a closed, clean and dry shoe instead of the climbing shoes. Long hair must be tied back.