Since its opening in 1996, Allez Up has positioned itself as one of Canada's top bouldering and route climbing centers.

Pointe-Saint-Charles is Allez Up's historic center. The gym is located at 1555 St. Patrick St., near the canal, a stone's throw from downtown Montreal. With its 20,000 square feet, it offers you the possibility to practice route (indoors or on silos), bouldering, speed (speed walls) and to strengthen your physical condition (training facilities). It is the most complete climbing gym in Montreal.

Whether you're a novice climber or an avid climber, come and exceed your limits and brighten up your day in a supportive community.


Climb 15 meter / 50 foot walls, with top rope and top rope routes for all levels. Our routesetters set new routes every week, so you can be sure to always progress and have fun.



We have 3 bouldering sections, including an outdoor bouldering wall during the summer. We also have a 45° training wall, a Moonboard, and campus and peg boards.


If you want to complement your climbing with strength or cardio training, we have a fully equipped exercise room at your disposal.



It's time to get on the silos and experience a unique climb! Allez Up's towering 125 ft (38 meters) silos house 9 routes for all levels.

Starting the week of June 12th, the silos will be open on weekends. In case of rain or stormy weather, the silos will be closed. We may choose to close the silos for other reasons. In doubt, do not hesitate to contact us.

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